Sunday, February 27, 2005

New Posts Soon!

I'll soon be able to post some new photos to the blog since the month is about to roll over (Flikr is maxxed-out for February)!

In the meantime, I'd like to revoke my recommendation on the 24-105mm G-VR and replace it with the 24-85mm G (not the D). I had the chance to try all three lenses (the 24-105mm G-VR, the 24-85mm D, and the 24-85mm G) and without question the best image quality of the three was the 24-85mm G. The 24-85mm D was the worst of the batch but had the advantage of using the least amount of light. If you're looking for a fast lens, then I would still recommend the 24-85mm D over the 24-85mm G, but if you can stand the little bit slower lens, the quality of the 24-85mm G's image more than makes up for the speed difference.


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