Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sugar Maple Tapping -or- My First DPChallenge Submission

I finally made my first Challenge submission to DPChallenge! I entered the photo "We're tapping the local tree for your Michigan Maple Syrup" into the Billboard challenge. This is my first submission mostly to test the waters. Its far from my best work, but I'm expecting it to finish a little lower middle of the pack with about a 5-6 (as of this posting I have an average vote of 4.9268 with 164 votes cast). We'll see how well, or poorly it does.

I had also considered submitting the photo titled "Michigan Sugar Maple Tapping" but decided that it was too busy for the contest. Both images were shot on February 27th at the Troy Nature Center (all photos for DPChallenge must be shot during the challenge period).


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