Sunday, January 01, 2006

What a Way to Ring in the New Year!

What a Way to Ring in the New Year!
Unfortunately both Drie and I ended up with colds at the end of last week. So for New Year's Eve we're both sitting at home nursing the last bits of these colds. Our exciting evening was spent playing with our Christmas gifts (including Trivial Pursuit® The Lord of the Rings), drinking orange juice, and waiting for midnight to roll in. Its not the best way to ring in the new year, but at least we're together and getting better.

I took this shot for the (00:00:01)/01/01/2006/FirstPix and Happy New Year Eve 2006 groups. This photo gave me the opportunity to play with the two SB-800s that I have too. I've played with these units before in some simple master-slave situations, but never got the hang of how Nikon's Creative Lighting System worked. After watching the Nikon School Presents The Speed of Light DVD that Drie gave me for Christmas (OK, I bought it for her to give me), I figured out much better how it is that the SB-800s work and how to use them. So this was my first shot with the SB-800 on the camera acting only as the master without effecting the exposure. The second SB-800 was on a stand over the table with the TN-A1 filter as a TTL slave.


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