Friday, June 23, 2006


Saline Trestle: Shooting the Trestle
Saline Trestle: Shooting the Trestle
Some of those watching either my photoblog or Flickr account might recall that I have a 10.5mm DX Fulll-Frame Fisheye. Some might even recall that I still desire that distorted look you get out of the wider and/or cheaper fisheye lenses. We ended up having that conversation again over dinner last night, and I found myself defending the 10.5mm as a useful tool when documenting. I'm honored to have this useful lens in my bag though I rarely pull it out. Making this lens more appealing though will be the acquisition of the new Nikon Capture NX which should completely remove the distortion from the image. Though not a great tool for the artistic impression, what a fabulous tool for documenting!


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