Tuesday, November 11, 2008

12 of 12 Tomorrow

Tomorrow is again the "12 of 12," so mark your calendar and bring that camera with you! I had my first (and so far only) experience back in August September and had a blast. It really doesn't take much (though I went out of the way to make mine more challenging) to grab twelve images of your day. Not only is it an interesting project to document your own life for a day, but along with the other photographers doing the same thing we can assemble daily stories of lives all across the globe. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to participate again tomorrow, and if so, watch for those to appear here and on Flickr.

In the meantime, here that set from two months ago:

12of12at12mm: Photo 1
12of12at12mm: Photo 212of12at12mm: Photo 3
12of12at12mm: Photo 412of12at12mm: Photo 512of12at12mm: Photo 6
12of12at12mm: Photo 712of12at12mm: Photo 812of12at12mm: Photo 9
12of12at12mm: Photo 1012of12at12mm: Photo 1112of12at12mm: Photo 12
View the set on Flickr.


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