Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shooting with the iPhone

Nutmeg from the iPhoneApple's iPhone is an amazing device which has changed my life in a variety of ways I'd not expected. One of the more notable changes has been the use of the internal camera. Sure it's a lousy camera, but it's connected to the Internet and a little computer. The draw of taking a simple photo, making some quick edits, and posting seduced me and I am now a camera phone user.

Photo Editing on the iPhoneMuch of the draw has been in the ability to edit on the iPhone before sending the image. Rarely has a camera phone been able to produce an image with an exposure or color balance close to correct (especially indoors) and the iPhone is no exception. With the inexpensive Photogene App I have the option to adjust both and much more. If needed, it even allows quick notes (or even whimsical thought bubbles) or border can be added before dropping it off in a e-mail. They're certainly not good for print resolution but great for sending around electronically. It's wonderful having the camera will me almost all the time, and even better that I have the option to send these images to just about anyone, anytime, anywhere.


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