Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time For Another 12 of 12!

It's also time again for another "12 of 12 Project!" Charge up those batteries and empty the memory cards for your twelve pictures tomorrow.

Last month I did another Macro project on the theme of "time." I haven't decided on one for this month yet, but I'm thinking of doing something on a wide angle lens.
12 of 12: Starting the Day12 of 12: Another Dead Seagate?!?!12 of 12: Turning Over
12 of 12: Officially in the Office12 of 12: E-mail Time Again?12 of 12: WSJ Morning Read
12 of 12: Dinner Time?12 of 12: Quitting Time?12 of 12: Almost Dinner Time
12 of 12: Edit Time12 of 12: Coffee Roasting Time12 of 12: Bed Time
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