Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 12 of 12: Quacky's Day

I decided to try something a little different for this month's 12 of 12. This time, I'm documenting the first day in the life of a Geocaching Travel Bug named "Quacky." I originally wanted a blue chick for the concept which hit me Saturday morning, but after hitting a few stores on the drive to Akron we came across this yellow ducky pacifier holder. After removing the ribbon to hold the pacifier, we have a great travel bug with its own clip to attach him to a nearby branch or container edge to allow photos. Finally I had a subject and theme: a day in the life of a Geocaching Travel Bug. So while we spent our Easter Sunday with family in Akron, then Geocaching our way home to Metro Detroit, I captured the day of our young friend on his first geocaching journey. Next weekend he'll find his way into a Geocache and hopefully collect may new stories and photos as other Geocacher move him around the world.
Quacky's Day: Starting the DayQuacky's Day: Checking for CacheQuacky's Day: Quacky's First Cache
Quacky's Day: Brush Your Bill/TeethQuacky's Day: Keeping Track of MoneyQuacky's Day: Leaving the Hotel for Cache #2
Quacky's Day: Out For a WalkQuacky's Day: Leaving a PresentQuacky's Day: Another Find
Quacky's Day: Filling UpQuacky's Day: The Last Cache and a New FriendQuacky's Day: Setting Up the Travel Bug Dog Tag

Thanks again to Chad Darnell for creating the 12 of 12 Project, and to Sonny & Sandy of the Podcacher Podcast for pushing myself and the Geocaching community to participate in the 12 of 12.


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