Monday, June 29, 2009

Auburn Hills Flare

Auburn Hills Flare
Adalay, Lawrence of Berkley, and I decided to try for an impromptu trip into downtown Auburn Hills for a little night photo session. This was to be the first night session with my D700 and Larry was to try the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1. Before we'd even left the apartment it began raining so I grabbed the rain jacket for the camera and hoped for some cool night photos with rain. Following a number of shots and having dropped the rest of the crew in the car, I started working my way back to the car hunting good images along the way. It had become increasingly difficult though as the Kata Rain Jacket had fogged to the point I couldn't see through the viewfinder at all, and barely the LCD. Thanks to the Live View I was able to get the shot set-up, but could really see what was being captured. I had no idea that the front element was picking up splashes from the lens hood creating these lovely flares. The ones at the top left don't bother me much (I still don't really like them), but the ones on the right are nasty. Bummer deal as I really like where this shot was headed.


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