Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tawas Point Lighthouse Just After Noon

Tawas Point Lighthouse Just After Noon
On our way to the "3rd Annual Spring Fling on Mackinac Island" we stopped by the Tawas Point Lighthouse for a few quick photos and a nearby Earthcache. At nearly 1:00PM we were at the lighthouse with probably the worst possible light, but didn't want to miss my first opportunity to capture this lighthouse. Walking all around the building this view with the sun over the building really intrigued me but there was certainly no way to capture what I saw with my eyes in a single exposure. The image I held in my mind was even closer with a wider lens then the 18mm provided by the 18-35 I was carrying, but that's the widest lens I had. I really didn't hold out much hope for an HDR either but wanted to try a hand-held HDR at least once. I set the auto bracketing to 9 frames (4 up, 1 on, 4 under) and popped off all 9 exposures in about 2 seconds. Those 9 frames were run through PhotomatixPro for this single image which represents pretty well what I saw with my naked eye. It's not quite what I'd hoped for, but I'll call it a success.
More good information about the Tawas Point Lighthouse.


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