Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Almost a Year

Blacksmith Shop RibbonPacks of PeppersAlmost a year has passed since I last posted to this blog. Being that it had become simply a daily photo posting using material I had already made available on Flickr I frankly lost interest in keeping up with the postings. I have been shooting and generating new material (though probably not enough to continue posting images daily) so there's plenty of material in my Flickr Photostream for you to enjoy. I have been rethinking the format of this blog especially in light of my newly rekindled infatuation with medium format film. So from this post forward I'll be posting all sorts on things to this blog. Look for summaries of photography trips, my thoughts on things like gear, highlighted photos, interesting locations I found and would like to shoot (or have shoot), fielding of questions from readers, and just about anything else I decide to share. Of course I'd love to have discussion with you either through the comments or direct. The bottom line – look for postings to resume on all sorts of topics. As a matter of fact, look for one tomorrow on either the medium format film cameras or a great location I found to shoot. Actually, perhaps I should try a "Wordless Wednesday" post.



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