Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 12 of 12 (Three Days Later)

My 12 of 12 concept for February 2011 didn't work so well. I used the Fujifilm GA645Zi (a 6x4.5 120 "point and shoot" rangefinder) and Portra 160NC and 800 Saturday for just capturing the day for the 12 of 12. Complications with the minimum focus distance (1 meter) were difficult to work around, but the data recorder didn't get the time as I expected, only the date and exposure information. The other major problem was the take-up spool not rolling tight enough and allowing the edges of the film to be exposed as I changed film. Finally the scanning took much longer than I expected especially with some file issues along the way. Bottom line? I won't be doing it this way again and certainly not with the GA645Zi.
Feb 12 of 12: GA645Zi Self-portraitFeb 12 of 12: Brushing My WindshieldFeb 12 of 12: At the Car Wash
Feb 12 of 12: Gearing UpFeb 12 of 12: Leaving TownFeb 12 of 12: Shooting in Carleton
Feb 12 of 12: Our WeaponsFeb 12 of 12: The Siren's CallFeb 12 of 12: A Motor City Photographer in Britton
Feb 12 of 12: RailFeb 12 of 12: One Last FrameFeb 12 of 12: Heading Home

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