Friday, February 04, 2011

Lucky Find: Fostoria Wooden Depot

Tracks to the DepotI love finding things I didn't know exist and had that luck when driving around Fostoria Ohio last weekend. We drove around town after shooting at the former Amtrak stop (at Taft Blvd and South Main Street) looking for other interesting locations to shoot. We found an old wooden depot, completely closed up, boards over the windows, but someone had been cutting down the trees near the building. This great little depot can be found on the northeast corner of East North Street and North Cadwallader Street and seems to have once been a Toledo and Ohio Central stop. Apparently the Fostoria Railroad Preservation Society is working to raise funds to move the building to the coming Fostoria Iron Triangle Railpark. I hope to find time in late spring or early summer to return and grab some photos with the vines greening up. Perhaps I might be able to contact the FRPS about getting a tour of the facility too. The moral of this little story is to look somewhere new when you're out -- perhaps you'll find something cool to shoot.



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